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Nature Journaling Opportunities

We are so excited! Our collectively written blog post is live on the International Nature Journaling Week’s website. Check it out here.

We are not going outdoors in groups at the moment. However, there are a few activities online.

BirdLife Port Natal

21 January 2021 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Please join this wonderful online session to learn about Nature Journaling this Thursday afternoon.

FREE for BLPN members.

Visitors welcome but will only be admitted to the Zoom Room after EFT proof of payment (R30) is sent to

If you are attending, contact for details of Zoom Meeting (meeting ID and passcode).

Nature Journal South Africa Activities

As Nature Journal South Africa, we have three instant messenger groups to cater for our wide range of interests. Through the groups we continue to be active and connected.

NJSA Just Journaling group

This is the heart of our community in which we share nature journal entries, associated inspiration, and personal connections with nature. Where we care for each other as part of the planet.

On this group, we are taking up member, Nora Saneka’s, suggestion to have a theme a month. We will have monthly virtual nature journaling sessions starting in February. Throughout the month, we will share our Nature Journaling approaches to the following aspects of nature:

January - Welcome/Not Welcome in the New Year!

This was added after Marianne de Jager shared her nature journal entry on

relocating a Brown Button/ Brown Widow spider and its nest from her kitchen to

her garden.

February - Wonder

March - Curiosity

April - Joy

May - Interaction

June - Perspective

July - Line and Pattern

August - Light and Colour

September - Time and Change

October - Reflection

November - Holes

December - Growth

These themes are open to changes as we explore possibilities. Perhaps we can hatch more ideas to explore and share more with each other...

NJSA Stewardship Group

Here we discuss stewardship and link to actions to bring life and shared meaning to fulfilling our stewardship responsibilities. Expect updates on protection of people and the fragile habitats in and around which we live, conservation, actions to control pollution, climate and environmental justice. We also share deeper readings on different ways of learning, making meaning and ways of being on this planet.

NJSA Outing Leads and Teaching

A smaller group where we are learning how to integrate nature journaling into our work for instance as professional nature guides, leaders of nature journal outings, environmental educators, environmental justice activists. It also for those who wish to teach others how to nature journal as self-care, a hobby, or source of inspiration for other forms of creative expression.

Send your request to join one of the groups to:

You will need to provide a telephone number in order to be added to a group.

Keep well. Keep safe. Keep on nature journaling.


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