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Start Nature Journaling Now

Right now. Really.

Pick up a piece of paper and pen or pencil.

Any paper: a page in your diary, the back of a till slip,

whatever is in easy reach.

Where are you? Write it down.

What's the date and time? Write it down.

Look for signs of nature. Look for wonder.

Notice what you hear, feel, see and sense:

the weather, the sky, something growing -

perhaps in the crack of the sidewalk, 

birds around a bus stop or taxi rank.

Write down one thing that you notice. 

Do you have questions? Write them down.

What does it remind you of? Write it down.

You have your first journal entry! 

Turn the page and repeat the process.

If you started with a scrap of paper, put this page in a notebook.

Now keep going.

Sketched pencil and notepad
Watercolor Brush 19
Sketched Notice Board
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