About Us

We are a growing nature journaling community in South Africa.

Nature journaling is our tool to learn about and deepen our connection with nature.

It also feeds our creativity and our environmental activism. 

We slow down to observe nature.

We stop long enough to hand record on paper our observations, thoughts and feelings. 


In Durban, we explore local nature spaces in monthly outings. In other parts of the country, people are nature journaling while out on walks, bird watching, and at home.


Many of us are beginners. We learn from each other. 

We encourage each other.  Our community enriches our individual nature journaling experiences. We share across communities, languages, interests and disciplines.  Our community is diverse in many ways. We are people of all identities, all histories, and from all contexts. We are committed to values of respect; fairness; equity; generosity of spirit, skills and knowledge; and justice.

We follow the Nature Journalers' code of conduct, putting our respect for the environment and other people into practice.

Who am I in this place?

How do I know that I am putting into practice my respect for:

  • wildlife? wildness?

  • other people?

  • my NJ experience?

  • spaces and places including its history, environments and habitats?


​Read the Nature Journalers' Code of Conduct here.


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