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About NJSA Community

Watercolor Brush 19
Photo of four people different ages
We are a nature journaling community in South Africa.

Nature journaling is our tool to learn about and deepen our connection with nature.

It feeds our creativity and our stewardship. 

We slow down to observe nature.

We stop long enough to hand record on paper our observations, thoughts and feelings. 


In March 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, we stopped group outings. We continue our lively and supportive connections via the internet in various forms. We look forward to outdoor group activities when it is safe.


We all have something to learn from each other

We encourage each other.  Our community enriches our individual nature journaling experiences. We share across communities, languages, interests and disciplines.  Our community is diverse in many ways. We are people of all identities, all histories, and from all contexts. We are committed to values of respect; fairness; equity; generosity of spirit, skills and knowledge; and justice.

We follow the Nature Journalers' code of conduct, putting our respect for the environment and other people into practice. These questions guide us:

  1. Who am I in this place?

  2. How do I know that I am putting into practice my respect for:

  • wildlife? wildness?

  • other people?

  • my NJ experience?

  • spaces and places including its history, environments and habitats?


​Read the Nature Journalers' Code of Conduct here.

Join our community of nature journalers in South Africa here, or contact us here.

Create a local community with nature journal buddies, friends, family, or as part of other nature focused or outdoor group.

Man sitting at table, holding up nature journal

Thokozani showing his notes on nature journaling process at Somkhanda, northern KwaZulu-Natal

Two people looking at sign

Tracy and Bongani on Outing - Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve

Man sitting on wooden fence nature journaling

Thokozani nature journaling at Somkhanda, northern KwaZulu-Natal

Five adults smiling into camera

Tanya, Cati, Bongani, Yousuf and Lisa on NJSA Outing at Japanese Gardens, Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal

Four people smiling in a group

NJSA members: Nolwazi, Cati, Lee and Yousuf, at Durban Botanic Gardens for skills building session

Woman smiling holding nature journal

Nolwazi with Umgeni Estuary Eco-Champs on ouing at New Germany Nature Reserve

Three adults smiling, looking into camera

Nature journal outing with Cati, Marianne and Yousuf at Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

Three women sitting at bird hide

Tracy, Cati and Marianne on NJSA Outing to bird hide at Mzomambo Lake, KwaDukuza

People looking out of bird hide

NJSA Outing to New Germany Nature Reserve, nature journaling stop at bird hide

Four young people in bird hide

NJSA Outing to Bluff Nature Reserve, nature journaling stop at bird hide

Path in forest

Giba Gorge, a favourite place for outings.

Man walking down path

Yousuf on nature journaling walk, Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve

20191007 Krantzkloof view

Outing to Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, view of gorge from along trail.

View of Krantzkloof gorge

Krantzokoof Nature Reserve view from top of gorge

Close up of waterfall with layered rock

Krantzkloof Nature Reserve part of waterfall at start of gorge

Landscape of layered rocky cliffs on 2 sides of gorge

Mbaxeni gorge, Eastern Cape "The caves seen on the other side of the gorge are full of shell middens as they were once occupied for thousands of years by people."

Water cascading down layers of rock

Mbaxeni River cascades, Eastern Cape

Narrow strip of land jutting into lake with sugar can fields in background

View of birds on strip viewed from bird hide, KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal


Bluff Nature Reserve

Female agama lizard on brick wall

Female Tree Agama in suburban garden, Durban

Leaf like stick insect
Green succulent with small yellow flowersIMG-20201205-WA0017

Euphobia flanaganii found around Mbaxeni river.

Bright yellow flowers with shiny leaves

Ochna natalia in bloom at Krantzkloof Nature

Two adult ostriches with 12 ostrich chicks

Ostrich family with 12 chicks and parents

Words and painted bird, plants and frog

Snooks' nature journal compilation from early lockdown observations from member in southern KZN

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