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Putting it all Together

Watercolor Brush 19

“The humblest field record is always an act of translation.

Whatever is recorded, whether animal behaving, plant yielding, dawn revealing: all have to be processed by human senses and translated into words, numbers, sketches, photographs, or any one of many other communicative conventions or devices that serve to inform other humans.”


Jonathan Kingdon "In the Eye of the Beholder" Chapter 7  of “Field Notes on Science and Nature”

edited by Michael Canfield


Words, numbers, images, and more ... How do you put it all together in your nature journal?

We will be exploring how to build a page. This will include ways of thinking about what and where to put each element, and how to combine them.


You can also expect to find tips on how to bring a page together with connections, boxes, arrows and colour. As well as how to make a nature journal more useful as a reference.

To get started, watch these video workshops:

      "Words, Pictures and Numbers" by John Muir Laws

      "How to build a journal page" by Kristin Meuser

and read this blog post

by "7 Steps to Creating a Nature Journal Page Layout" Jan Blencowe

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