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"When you show up for nature,

nature shows up for you."

John Muir Laws


Nature Journaling - Showing up for Nature

We live with constant demands on our attention.

It is difficult to slow down.

It is hard to pay attention to this moment, in this place.

Wherever you live in South Africa, you can miss out on showing up for nature. Even when you spend time in nature-rich spaces,

you may miss out on the benefits.

You may be:

  • moving too quickly

  • too noisy

  • too distracted to connect with nature.

Nature journaling is a simple way to create peace and quiet in your life - wherever you are. All you need is something to write with and something to write on.​

Recording by hand slows you down. 

As you slow down, you relax.

You notice more.

You connect more deeply with nature.

To experience the calming effects of connecting with nature,

try nature journaling.

Click here to start now,

or here for practical ways to develop your existing skills.


Click here to learn more about what it is and why you should try it.

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 Colorful Bird
Strelitzia plant and flower
A Practice as Old as Humankind - 
Began in Southern Africa

The practice of keeping a nature journal has a long and complex history.

Southern Africa is home to some of the first peoples and the earliest evidence of nature journalling - rock art. 

Learn more about the first peoples of Southern Africa from !Khwa ttu and 

Camissa Museum.


Learn more about rock art in Africa from the Trust for African Rock Art.

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