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It's a Words Day

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

It’s arrived! Today (1 June) is the first day of International Nature Journaling Week.

The theme for the day is Words.

The INJW website puts it like this -

"We will start the week with a focus on words in our journal. Words can be in the form of poetry, prose, labels, lists, personal reflective writing and more. Using words in your nature journal is a way of deepening your understanding of the world around you and connecting with thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to articulate."

You can read more about it here.

If you have not yet started nature journaling, or if you haven't picked up your nature journal in a while, today can be your start, or restart.

The NJSA whatsapp group is a great place to share your thoughts or ask any questions you may have. We are sharing our nature journal entries there. If you are not on the group, contact us below.

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1 Comment

Megan Terpend
Megan Terpend
Nov 09, 2023

Will nature journal with NJSA whilst I look forward to being part of the international nature-journaling-2024 community.

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