Environmental Justice

Case study 

"This case study focuses on the three residential communities of Merebank, Wentworth and Bluff that live immediately adjacent to the Engen refinery. It reveals the communities' struggle for environmental justice and better environment responsibility and accountability by the Engen Refinery. The case shows also a strong desire by communities to  enforce  environmental responsibility in the absence of clear environmental regulation and law enforcement by the national and/or provincial government."


"The Engen refinery in South Durban is the focus of environmental concern about industrial pollution. Apart from being the largest oil refinery in Durban as well as one of the two largest source of sulphur dioxide pollution in South Durban, Engen Refinery is closely located to two residential low income black communities, Merebank and Wentworth. Its immediate adjacent proximity to these two communities  optimizes for many the problems of industry s impact on public health and the problems of quality of Black communities  (Sven Peek).




Organisations in South Africa

the Mining Environmental Justice Community Network of South Africa (MEJCON-SA)

https://cer.org.za/ "We are activist lawyers who work with communities and civil society organisations in South Africa to realise our Constitutional right to a healthy environment by advocating and litigating for environmental justice. We seek a just, equitable, compassionate society which is resilient, celebrates diversity, and respects the inter-dependence between people and the environment."